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The Road to a healthier happier me :)

Hey, my name is Lizzy, I have one child and a boyfriend of almost two years who is father to my son. I have always been a heavy set girl, all the way through my childhood and into adulthood, I am VERY tall, measuring in at a whopping 6 foot 2 inches and I am still growing believe it or not! (I went from 6'1 to 6'2 while pregnant with my son) the year of 2013 I had finally gotten down to a healthy(er) weight then I had EVER been in my entire life, I was very happy, eating better and exersizing daily, I was about 6'0 at the time and weighed in at about 210 pounds, no its not ideal but it was closer then I had been since 6th grade to being under 200 pounds and I was ecstatic. has a funny way of butting in at un-wanted times..and that's exactly what it did to me. I had a LOT of relationship turmoil, housing fall through and sudden un-expected debt that came all at once, leaving me living with my family in the blink of an eye. Then in the midst of it all, I discovered I was pregnant, at 20 years old when I had NOT planned on kids for at least 5 more years. So, life went on as it does and my pregnancy progressed nicely, things started to look up, but as my pregnant belly grew, so did the numbers on my scale. By the time I gave birth to my son 4 days after my 21st birthday...I was at 317.5 pounds..YIKES! My son weighed 8 pounds 5.3 ounces and was 21 inches long,perfection <3 I was absolutely in love with him from the first moment I saw him. Yet even after all the after birth and him...I lost only 7 pounds (still baffles me to this day)..months went on, and now here I am, 8 months later...and I'm still at a staggering 315.5 pounds and completely fed up with this body of mine. So...I have decided to get something DONE at last! Controversial as it may seem I invested a small amount of money into a bottle of Garnicia Cambogia weight loss/appetite suppressant pills, to help me a little, Got a YouTube account set up, to save all the wonderful Jillian Michaels videos I will be using EVERY DAY, and have gotten a tumblr,as well as a live journal account to document my progress on this long road back to a healthy me.
So, I am a first time blogger, but, I am determined to do whats best for my body, and even if I have not one person who reads my blog ever, I will still document all that I can to keep myself motivated and keep track of my goals :)
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